Depression, with anxiety, crying, feeling tired, not coping and poor concentration is a secret but very common illness, which will affect 20% of Irish. As a sufferer or as a supporter of someone with this illness, you are not alone. We understand and want to help.

It is like diabetes or asthma, an illness, due to a build up of pressures, which can happen to anyone. Many famous and successful Irish have this illness. Mild illnesses settle quickly with your own efforts, but more severe illness is something you have little or no ability to fight without professional help and medication. So don’t feel worthless, guilty etc, and get help from your GP before it digs in.

Stress can lead to anxiety / worrying and to depression. It is not a sign of weakness.

Stress, viruses and childbirth can trigger this illness in people who never had it previously. If you have trouble with concentration when you are reading or watching TV, are crying easily, or feel very tired, you may have depression. We provide lots of information regarding these symptoms and potential ways to manage them.

NOTE FROM CLINICAL A/PROF DAVID HORGAN: Please believe me, after many years of experience, that depression can be totally wiped out! You are not weak, you are not worthless, you are not a permanent burden, you are not any of the other negatives that the illness tries to tell you…you have a very common illness which WILL pass. And you are not alone, just ask for help.